God alone is the place of peace that can not be disturbed – Augustine

I cling to this. Through every wave of trouble and every wave of joy, I cling to this truth.  Peace is found in the presence of Jesus Christ. In His Love and in His Grace. My greatest goal remains to know him more. I hope you’ll pursue this goal with me!

Be still (be at peace) and know (trust confidently) that He is God.

He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds stay focused on Him because they trust in Him.

Author Bio:

I’m Stacy, a married mom of 6, deaf, and a recent cochlear implant recipient. I’m also currently a full time web and multimedia journalism student, after the blessing of spending the last two decades at home with my kids. My greatest life accomplishment is, and always will be, the moment I truly laid my life down at the feet of Jesus. There is no better choice than to entrust this life to the leadership of the most loving and gracious of kings. He is good. Always!