It Is Well With My Soul

October 23rd is the day I might hear again. It seems surreal. A ray of light shining on my soul. I can only imagine how it will impact my life. My uncle suggested that I journal my way through this experience of ‘hearing again through cochlear implant surgery’, as he cherishes the journal he kept years ago when he received his cochlear implant.

In years past I journaled through our adoption experiences (at and I look back with gratitude that I took the time to document them, and the life lessons God taught me during and through the adoptions of 3 of our children.  I hope some of you enjoyed walking that path with us.

Since hearing loss has also taught me more life lessons than I can possibly count, it seems right to document this too.

So, welcome to this devotional journal as I countdown from day 83 with lessons from hearing loss.

The most important lesson God has ever taught me through hearing loss, is to trust Him in the midst of every circumstance; To be at peace in his presence regardless of trial or hardship; To simply rest in knowing that in his sovereignty He allows nothing without purpose; To be still and know that He is God. 

I'm listening...