Happy December my friends! A month of reflection as the year comes to a close. 2017 will always be a special year for me. An emotional year. A year that can’t be summed up in words. I’ve tried a few times to post updates on this cochlear implant hearing experience. It’s unexplainable. I’ve called this CI a gift before, but it’s more like an overflowing stocking. So many gifts that keep being brought out of it. One little thing after another. I’ll start with three. Three gifts that I shared with my Facebook friends at the end of day one…

“Top 3 moments from my first 24 hours of hearing…

1. As I first exited the House Ear Clinic I heard running water from a large fountain in front of the building. Barely even out the door and I started crying. The sound of flowing water is so amazingly beautiful!

2. You all know I love kids, right? Being a preschool teacher was the best job ever! Until their little voices started to disappear. Young children’s voices land in the higher frequencies, which I lost first. So, having back and forth conversation with my cousin’s 2 year old daughter, and understanding her sweet little words, was such a precious time for me!

3. I was told beforehand not to expect a lot with music right away. (My husband) decided to play a song for me anyway, just to see if I might recognize it. It was noise at first, but I closed my eyes and kept listening… and there it was … 🎶oh I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain🎶… I started singing, and sobbing. I’ve missed music so much!

The cochlear implant is such a gift!”